Accreditation Implementation Schedule and Procedures

By June ①The applicant junior college implements a self-study program based on JACA’s Junior College Standards.
②The applicant junior college submits its self-study report to JACA (Deadline : June 30).
● (Beginning or middle of July) Workshops for the members of third-party evaluation groups and for the evaluation team leaders.
③Document check : Teams for third-party evaluations review submitted self-study reports.
④Site-visits : Teams for third-party evaluations conduct site visits.
November ⑤(Beginning of November) Teams for third-party evaluations prepare accreditation reports and submit them to the Committee for Third-Party Evaluations.
⑥(End of November) The subcommittees for third-party evaluations examine the accreditation reports submitted by the teams for third-party evaluations.
December ⑦ (End of December) The Committee for Third-Party Evaluations notifies each applicant junior college with a draft of the accreditation results.
January ⑧ Hearing session (by the end of January) : the applicant junior college may contest the draft of the accreditation result.
⑨ (End of January to beginning of February) The Committee for Validation and Examination of Third-Party Evaluations examines the appropriateness of any applicant junior college’s objection.
March ⑩ (End of March) The final results of the accreditation are given to the applicant junior colleges and announced to the public.

Flow chart of a third-party evaluation