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Message from the Chairman

Japan Association for College Accreditation (JACA)
Osamu Sekiguchi, Chairman

The Japan Association for College Accreditation (JACA) was established in 1994 in order to support and promote diversity and continuous improvement and maintenance of academic quality. In 2005, in order for Japan to meet global standards of higher education, to guarantee academic quality, and to meet their responsibilities to their stakeholders, all junior colleges are required to be evaluated at least once every seven years by an organization that is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. As a result, JACA has provided comprehensive accreditation to over 330 private junior colleges.

The founding of JACA owes much to the efforts of the former Chairman/President of Seitoku University Junior College, Mr. Hiroaki Kawanami. Mr. Kawanami conducted relevant research in the US in order to create foundation for the establishment of this organization. His accomplishment had a profound impact on many people who work in the area of junior colleges and his pioneering work was the basis for the current national accreditation system.

There are about 350 private junior colleges in Japan. They are mostly located in small to middle-sized cities and they play an important role in the development of the nation’s human resources. American junior colleges carry out similar educational functions. However, despite the fact that there are roughly 330 private junior colleges in Japan, there are less than 20 public junior colleges. Moreover, 80% of all colleges and universities in Japan are private. In other words, private schools bear the weight of higher education in Japan.

Considering these circumstances, JACA has focused on adapting global standards of higher education to Japan’s educational institutions. JACA became a sister organization with the Accreditation Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), which is a part of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). WASC is located in the western part of the US. This step is important because junior colleges are organizations that offer post-high school degrees of higher learning and, in order to fulfill this responsibility, we need to have a globally acceptable standard. Moreover, due to the increasing number of junior college graduates who aim to go abroad for study, we need to establish standardized educational curriculums.

According to the School Education Law in Japan, colleges are included in the classification of university, in which one of the primary focuses is on character-building. JACA recognizes the societal roles that colleges must play and aims to carry out its mission by continuing research on the improvement of academic quality of education in Japanese junior colleges.

Our relationship and exchange with international accreditation organizations are extremely meaningful and instrumental to our future. We would very much like to continue exchanging our views and information in order to contribute to the development of young minds, which is essential when considering the young are the keys to our nation’s future.

Thank you.

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