Outline of Accreditation of JACA

About Accreditation for university and junior college

JACA assures the quality of education at universities and junior colleges, and supports their proactive improvement and reformation. We conduct accreditation in collaboration with member institutions as a certified accreditation agency for university and junior colleges by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Accreditation is granted if the university or junior college fulfills the standards set by JACA. Accreditation is mainly conducted by the third-party peer evaluation, based on their professional perspective and knowledge and skills gained through our training sessions for evaluation. To enhance the fairness of the review, evaluation by external academic experts are also reflected on the decision. Therefore, the university or junior college which gained judgement to be qualified as accredited institution proves its excellency in education and continuous improvement of the institution.

JACA will continue publicize the result of accreditation status of the institution and ensure transparency of evaluation for the society to promote understanding and support higher education. Meanwhile, JACA makes all the accreditation system open to the public, proves worthy of trust from community and all the related people at universities and junior colleges, and strive for constant improvement of accreditation system.