Accreditation Standards for University

Accreditation Standards for university has four standards.

Standard I: Mission and Effectiveness – The university recognizes it’s role and responsibility based on its educational outcomes, assesses and assures the educational quality.

Standard II: Educational program and Student support – are to be clearly defined to accomplish the mission and effectiveness.

Standard III: Educational Resources and Financial Resources – are reviewed, identified and assessed to support educational and research activity and college organization.

Standard IV: Leadership and Governance – are reviewed and assessed as a whole system of university.

These four standards help the institution to oversee its situation and systematically organize/conduct self-study and self-evaluation of the whole institution.

Under each standard (I – IV), themes A-D are set as needed, and review criteria (1-7) are provided for each theme as critical elements for self-study and self-evaluation. Universities are required to describe all the related items in the narratives of self-study and self-evaluation report, and to provide documentation of current status and characteristics.


Structure of Accreditation Standards for university

Standard Theme Criteria
Standard I
Mission and Effectiveness
A Mission 1 Mission is clearly established.
2 The university contributes community as higher educational institution.
B Effectiveness 1 The university clearly established educational goals and objectives.
2 The university clearly defines Student Learning Outcomes.
3 The university systematically established and publicized three policies – 1) graduation certification, awarding degree, 2) designing and implementing curriculum, and 3) admission policy.
C Assurance of quality of education 1  The university clearly established the implementation system of self-study, self-evaluation and engages in assurance of quality of education.
2 The university assures quality of education.
Standard II
Curriculum (Educational programs) and Student Support Services
A Curriculum 1 The university clearly defines the policy of graduation and awarding degree in the field of study. (Diploma policy)
2 The university clearly defines the policy on design and implementation of educational programs in each field of study. (Curriculum Policy)
3 Based on University Establishment Standards, the university designs and organizes educational programs for students to acquire a broad range of general knowledge and comprehensive discernment.
4 In each field of study for degree, the university defines admission policy. (Admission Policies)
5  In each field of study for degree, student learning outcome is defined clearly.
6 The university has systematic mechanism to measure student learning outcomes by using qualitative and qualitative data.
7 The university engages in the student’s post-graduation evaluation.
B Student Support Services 1 The university effectively utilizes educational resources for achieving student learning outcomes.
2 The university systematically provides support services for students to achieve their learning outcomes.
3 The university systematically provide daily life support for the students to achieve learning outcomes.
4 The university provide students with career counseling and support.
Standard III

Educational Resource and Financial Resources

A Human Resources 1 The university establishes faculty organization based on the policy on design and implementation of educational programs.
2 Teaching faculty perform teaching and research activities based on the policy of curriculum design and implementation of the department and major course.
3 The university establishes administrative organization for improvement of student learning outcomes.
4 The university comply with labor related laws and regulations including Labor Standard Act.  Human resources and labor are appropriately managed.
B Physical Resources 1 Land, buildings, facilities and other physical resource of the college are maintained and utilized based on the policy of curriculum design and implementation.
2 The university performs maintenance of facility equipment properly.
C Technical Resources and other educational resources 1 The university maintains technical resources to achieve student learning outcomes based on the policy of curriculum design and implementation.
D Financial Resources 1 The university appropriately manages financial resource.
2 The university understands the actual financial situation, formulates and manages plans to assure financial stability.
Standard IV

Leadership and Governance

A Leadership of the educational corporation 1 Management and operation system of educational corporation is established based on the related laws and regulations.
B Leadership of President 1 Managing and operation system including faculty meeting is established to achieve student learning outcomes.
C Governance 1 Auditors adheres laws and regulations, and perform duties appropriately.
2 Board of Councilors holds meetings based on the laws and regulations, and is managed properly as advisory body for board members.
3 The university has highly public nature and accountability, actively publicizes information and engages in being accountable.